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The methods of growing new body tissues and shaping them through application of stretching force have been known for many centuries as a historically cultural practice in Africa and South America. The tribal peoples there used them for giving the desired shape to their lips and ears. Now those methods have been tested and accepted by modern medical science as means for body modification. For instance, orthopedic surgeons are able to lengthen broken limbs. The soft body tissues are enlarged with the help of tissue expanders in many types of reconstructive surgery. Even new patches of skin can be grown anew through stretching existing living skin.

Tissue stretching is the scientifically proved method that YIELDS RESULTS!

The successful practice of body modification through stretching skin and tissues by application of tension has centuries-long tradition among the folk medicine of many native tribes all over the world. The efficiency of the practice has been well proven to work over centuries.

Body transformation technique proved by hundreds of years of native tribal practice

There is plenty of evidence to the fact that by application of sustained pressure different parts of human anatomy can be successfully stretched and lengthened. The examples are found in plenty in countries all over the world.

Among the best known local tribes that achieve astounding results in modifying their bodies by application of stretching is the culture of so called 'Hill People' (or Pa Dong Karen), famous also as the 'Giraffe Women'. The tribe inhabits the region that borders the modern-day Burma and Thailand.

According to their ancient cultural tradition, some women of the 'Hill People' culture begin to wear a large number of ornamental brass rings around their necks when they are still young, somewhere between the age of six and eight. By adding rings one at a time, they progressively apply stretching force to their necks, increasing the distance between their shoulders and heads. The process is slow and expands over the period of many years. But the results that are achieved are truly starling and exceptionally illustrative.

According to the tribesmen, current the record number of brass rings that one lady managed to fit in is 28. But on the average this number reaches about 20 as a rule and the majority of according to one of the 'Giraffe Women' feel content with that number. This is an illustrative example of possibility to extend even bone tissues by applying correct traction, to say nothing about soft tissues that respond much better.

More facts to prove the efficiency of the traction method

By piercing their lips and ears with disks the young people of the Suya tribe manage to gain truly astounding results of successful ritual stretching. For some spiritual and cultural reasons of their own, men of this tribe that resides on the banks of the Amazon River in South America achieve size increase of about 300% or more as compared with the original size of the tissue. Over several years the tribesmen stretch ears and lips to such extent that they are capable of holding disks several inches across.

There is Mursi tribe in Africa, which lives in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia. The women of the tribe have practiced wearing lip disks for many centuries. Though it can seem weird to outsiders, but the size of the disk is the sign of status. Large disks imply higher sexual maturity and social position. It is difficult to believe, but the truth is that some Mursi women stretched their lips so far that it is possible to pull a lip over the head!

Though the lip disks are meant for extension of the lower lip, they also manage to shape the teeth and jaw, over the long term, of course. The continued pressure gradually forces the teeth to arch backwards. The conclusion that we come here to is:

The tissues WILL grow, but the traction force SHOULD be applied persistently over a long enough period of time.

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All over the country and beyond it thousand of male individuals are perusing the online stores and corresponding sites in search of a quality penis enlarger, which will suit their needs in the best way possible. Online searching in the web for the most efficient penis enlargement solution has become a rather popular preoccupation for all representatives of the stronger sex disregarding their ages, which is true. The popularity of the various sexual enhancement solutions offered at the market can be easily explained by the growing demand. More and more people experience some kind of problem with their sexual performance each year. It could be a case of erectile dysfunction, or a penis of undersized dimensions, pressingly in need of a good enlarger device. It also can be a case of tired and exhausted libido, depressed by the challenges of the modern, highly dynamic and stressful civilization environment.

Anyway, whatever the case, the market of sexual enhancement solutions offers plenty of medications, devices and methods to help those male individuals in need of a good penis enlarger.

In this concise article you will find an overview of various options available for those seeking the efficient penis enlarger treatments!

Whatever the method of penis enlargement you will be using, whether a herbal penis enlarger pill - erection pills, some special device like a vacuum penis pump or a penis extender, or, may be, a special set of penis extension exercises, the basic principles of sexual enhancement remain the same - they all facilitate and considerably increase the inflow of blood into the penis shaft tissues. For any form of penis enlarger product the increase of blood inflow into the erectile cavities is the critical condition of being efficient, bringing positive results and making a guy actually happy with his sexual talents and exploits.

The penis enlarging pills are a very good remedy against the erectile dysfunction and the overall fatigue of the nervous system, greatly revitalizing the sexual drive and stamina. They are an affordable option, very convenient in application - just gulp it down, swallow and follow with plenty of water to make sure the pill hits your stomach. The formulation of such pills is composed of proven aphrodisiacs and blood circulation stimulants known to people of different continents and cultures from the days of old. The ingredients of herbal pills have been carefully selected and mixed together, using the state-of-the-art technologies of the present-day pharmacology industry. In this way the amazing ingredients have become times more efficient in their combination than they used to be in the ancient times. The herbal pill is a great sexual performance enhancer, but as a penis enlarger it is unremarkable at the least. Of course, due to stretching of the penis tissues under the influence of blood inflow into its cavities there is some staying aftereffect of increased penis size, but it is far from being impressive.

In case your objective is a huge penis you should look for some other ways to enhance your manhood parameters.

Leaving out the option of the penile surgery, which proved to be a very expensive and very insecure as a penis enlarger, one should seriously consider such popular devices as penis vacuum pumps and penis extenders. The pumps are very efficient in getting a guy actually great hard-on just before the love making. The only disadvantage is the necessity to keep it applied to your penis in, so to say, the operational regime. As soon as it is removed, the wonderful effects of a huge and hard penis are gone too.

A penis extender is exactly what a penis enlarger could be as it is. Extenders can really enlarge the length and size of one's manhood impressively. And they are quite safe if applied correctly. Of course, you need to put them on a regular bases, and wear attached to you penis for considerably long periods, something like 6-8 hours every day. For some individuals it can be an inconvenience. On the other hand, a penis extender can be made use of when a person is resting at night time. You will sleep, but the device will keep on with your penis enlargement through gently applied traction force, as simple as that. A good quality penis enhancer can really be considered an efficient and simple to use penis enlarger of your choice.

Besides the vacuum pumps and penis extenders there are several other natural penis enlarger exercise systems, which can be considered as an efficient option by individuals interested in getting an impressive manhood. It should be noted that such natural penis enlarger exercises are a simple way to get a penis, which is larger in length and girth, and you will not have to buy any medication or devices to make use of them. All you will need is your own hands and some baby oil. Surely, you will need to practice the system of penis enlargement exercises in the correct and safe way, step-by-step moving though all usual stages such as a warm up, penis lengthening exercises per se and also a cool down. The critical point is to be careful not to overdo the force applied, as well as to possess strong enough self-motivation. As a rule this method of penis enlargement is a very good option for people with a lot of time on their hands, who are not inclined to spend a lot of cash, since this method is practically free. Without persistence and self-motivation the penis enhancement exercises would turn out to be a very poor penis enlarger choice, giving almost zero effect.

In conclusion it should be noted that a penis enlarger that works for one man perfectly, may not necessarily work for another. People are different; they have different sexual performance problems, so the approach to the penis enhancement procedures should also be differentiated.

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